Betting in the US : Legal states to bet ?

It has taken over two decades for sports betting to become legitimate in the USA. Lawmakers have been pushing to make this practice legal through the Supreme Court. Read on to find out the states that have made this practice legal, forbidden betting areas and the future plans of betting in this powerful nation.

Legal states to bet

There was a ban on sports betting in the USA since 1992 till earlier this year (2018). Permission by the Supreme Court was granted to a few states for a start. This was through the help of the legislators. Today, American citizens in some states have the honour of cheering on favourite teams while awaiting to bag large sums of money through bets.

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Sports betting was first made legitimate in the state of Nevada. Do you happen to live here? If you are a sports fun I bet you have been receiving rewards that come with this practice. There are other states that have earlier in the year 2018 had the permission of the Supreme Court to bet. They include Delaware, state of Montana and Oregon.

Gambling centres like the city of Atlanta together with the park of Monmouth are already active for sports lovers to place bets and win lump sums of money. So if you love watching horses race, visit these two centres and you are sure to bag some dollars thanks to the legalisation of this practice.

There are other six states that have recently got permission to place sports bet. They include Lowa, City of New York, West Virginia, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Do you reside in any of these states? Well, rush into any gambling spot and start earning money as soon as possible.


Forbidden betting states

There are thirteen cities and states in the USA that have not yet received the consent of the Supreme Court to bet though plans are underway to award citizens their betting rights. They include Rhode Island, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Michigan, Missouri, Maryland, Massachusetts, California, Kentucky, Minnesota, State of Illinois, Indiana and Kansas City. If you happen to live in any of these great cities do not lose hope because your legislators are fighting hard to make this practice legitimate for you. When the right time comes and permission is granted, you will have the honour of not only watching favourite teams play but place bets and look forward to winning millions of dollars.

Future of sports betting

Research was earlier conducted about the benefits and harms of this practice to the American nation. This was established through an analysis of the United Kingdom sports betting industry. The US discovered several pros and cons that revolved around this practice, they need to position themselves for promotions programs such as bet365 usa bonus code and the measures to consider once this practice has been legalised so as not to realise an economic downfall.

Negative aspects of sports betting

Gambling involves surrendering your hard earned money and willing to take risks that come with the practice. The USA have not been willing to make this practice legitimate for a very long time because of the harms that are associated with betting. They include:

Betting scams

This is likely to happen through the social media accounts of some crafty characters. The USA established that through the use of ghost accounts, the American citizens were likely to be duped of their hard earned money through the advertisement of games that end up not being played. If your state has already received the permission to legally bet, it is important to register with betting firms that are recognized on a global level so as not to fall prey to these kinds of scams.

Fixed matches

Researchers fear that there is a possibility of fixing certain matches to suit the expectations of betting firms. Before giving the state of Nevada betting rights, The USA government adopted the best way of dealing with this scam. This is through hiring qualified sports analysts and paying players well and in good time. So if you were worried about this kind of fraud, fear not because your nation has found the best way of protecting your betting rights.

Positive aspects of sports betting

Revenue boost

Research has indicated that the legalisation of betting will boost the American economy to greater heights. Betting firms pay taxes of up to fifteen percent on a monthly basis. Supposing there are a thousand registered betting firms that operate in this great nation, how much revenue do you think the American government will wait to collect on a yearly basis? I would say millions of dollars. So as an American Citizen your economic future is in good hands once this practice is legalised in the entire nation.

After a careful research, you as an American citizen are aware about the states that have been granted the permission to bet. Secondly, you are able to identify cities and states that have not yet received consent of the Supreme Court to engage in this practice. Finally you know the future plans of this practice to the economy of your state and how to go about evading fraudsters. So take your time to enjoy watching your favourite team play and bet responsibly.